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Recent Results

Recent Examples Of Tax Cases

Currently Not Collectible Status: Clients owed over $467,000. Result: Clients were placed in Currently Not Collectible status by our Atlanta tax attorneys and will face no collection or levy action.

Taxpayer Deficiency • Audit Defense • Levy Recovery • Lien Removal

Income Tax Litigation: Client received a notice of deficiency stating that he owed $460,000. Result: The U.S. Tax Court decision held that taxpayer owed $0.

Income Tax Litigation: Client received a notice of deficiency from the IRS stating that she owed substantial income tax. IRS asserted the taxpayer owed $236,272. Client asserted that she owed $30,000. Result: The U.S. Tax Court decision held that taxpayer owed $32,359.

Audit Defense: Client began handling his own audit until the examiner determined that the tax assessment would be over $200,000, based on numerous stock transactions and a “mark to market election” issue. Result: Our tax attorneys obtained a final examination report of $0 tax owed.

Offer In Compromise: Client was a police officer who the IRS assessed for $14,280. Client admitted that he owed the debt, but was unable to pay. Result: An offer in compromise eliminated the debt for $500.

Recovery Of Levied Assets: The state of Georgia Department of Revenue assessed three former officers of a corporation for unpaid sales tax that the corporation owed, in the amount of $439,989. The state then levied $439,989 from the account of one of the officers. Result: The Georgia tax liability was determined to be $0 for all clients, the liens were removed from all clients, and the state was required to repay the levied money back to client with interest in the amount of $466,388.

Employment Tax Litigation: Client was a CPA that the IRS asserted was a “responsible person” for the corporation for which she prepared and filed taxes. The IRS assessed CPA for company’s unpaid employment taxes in the amount of $81,850.31 and revoked the CPA’s ability to electronically file returns with the IRS. Result: CPA was held to owe $0, and was reinstated in full to file electronically.

Tax Debt Relief In Bankruptcy: Client was assessed by the IRS for $2.6 million. Client was discharged of $2.3 million in bankruptcy, leaving a tax debt of approximately $300,000. Result: This eliminated approximately 90 percent of the tax debt.

Disclaimer: Past results for any case listed cannot be used to guarantee the result of any future case. The reader should consult an Atlanta tax attorney to discuss the range of possible results for the specific facts of their case.

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