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Audit Defense

The Atlanta tax attorneys at our firm represent clients with income tax disputes at every level, starting at the audit and administrative appeal, all the way through the U.S. Tax Court, U.S. District Court or Court of Federal Claims. We represent individual and business clients throughout metro Atlanta and North Georgia who are seeking IRS and state tax debt relief.  We place a very high priority on getting every client to the best result.

If you have received a notice of an income tax examination by the IRS, contact an experienced Atlanta tax lawyer or call us to schedule an immediate appointment.

Defense In IRS And Georgia Tax Audits

An IRS audit in some cases will only be a paper audit. In other cases, the IRS will conduct an in-person audit at your office or the IRS office. The examiner will look through your books for expenses and deductions that can be “disallowed” because they haven’t been thoroughly documented. A lack of convenient documentation does not mean the deduction cannot be proven. We will help you to reconstruct your business or personal tax records in the best manner possible and use other methods to substantiate a deduction and prevail on the disputed items.

Experienced Representation In Tax Audit Defense Cases

A former tax attorney for the IRS Office of Chief Counsel, Atlanta, Georgia, tax lawyer Cal Bomar has handled tax problems from both sides of the table. This background gives Mr. Bomar insight into what the IRS position will be on a wide range of tax cases and allows him to effectively negotiate on your behalf to resolve IRS audit disputes.

If an IRS audit does uncover problems that cannot be explained, Mr. Bomar may be able to negotiate a favorable resolution for your case such as:

Do Not Risk Representing Yourself In An Audit

Most taxpayers are at a significant disadvantage when they come up against IRS examiners. Examiners are trained to interrogate taxpayers in order to uncover financial wrongdoing and honest errors. Any information you provide to an IRS examiner can and will be used against you.

You do not need to suffer abusive treatment by an examiner. We can appear at the audit on your behalf. We can work with the auditor to arrive at a settlement. If we cannot agree, our firm can represent you throughout the appeals process.

Attorney-Client Privilege

Remember, your conversations with your Atlanta, Georgia tax attorney are protected by attorney-client privilege.

Contact Us

To avoid an IRS or Georgia tax lien, a bank levy, and the compounding of interest and penalties for money owed, contact us at (404) 841-6561 to speak directly with an Atlanta, Georgia, tax lawyer about your specific tax case. The firm handles cases involving syndicated conservation easement IRS audits and litigation, settlement and tax relief.

Bomar Law Firm has offices in Atlanta and Birmingham, Alabama. Contact us at (404) 841-6561 to schedule your free consultation to discuss your case with an Atlanta, Georgia, tax lawyer who is also a former IRS Chief Counsel attorney.

The firm also has tax professionals available who speak Spanish. (El Despacho de Abogado Bomar tiene oficinas en Atlanta, Georgia; y Birmingham, Alabama. El Ex Abogado del IRS. Hablamos Español. Contáctenos hoy al (404) 841-6561).