Former IRS Tax Attorney - Atlanta, Georgia

The following are the most frequent questions that people ask us when seeking a tax attorney in Atlanta, Georgia:

1. How experienced are the tax lawyers at Bomar Law Firm, LLC?

Cal Bomar is a former IRS Office of Chief Counsel attorney who has extensive experience helping clients with IRS tax relief, audits, US Tax Court litigation, obtaining relief through offer in compromise, innocent spouse relief, penalty abatement, obtaining relief from liens and levy and representing clients in all other tax matters.

After obtaining his LL.M. in Tax Law from New York University, Cal Bomar worked in Washington, D.C. for the IRS Office of Chief Counsel. Upon leaving Chief Counsel, he worked in the Tax Division of a large law firm for five years.

All of the attorneys at Bomar Law firm are experienced tax lawyers, who are supported by carefully selected CPAs, accountants and a former IRS Revenue Officer.

2. What types of tax clients do you represent?

Our clients include individuals and businesses in Georgia and throughout the world. We handle a full spectrum of tax matters. Bomar Law Firm is routinely the firm that other lawyers and CPA's in Georgia choose to represent them in their own personal tax cases. Many of our clients are also referrals from other law firms and accounting firms.

3. Where are your clients located?

We have tax clients throughout the United States and worldwide. We also serve many local clients throughout Georgia, including Atlanta, Marietta, Smyrna, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Roswell, Decatur, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Athens, Rome, Columbus, Macon and all communities of Fulton County, Cobb County, Dekalb County and Gwinnett County, Georgia.

4. How long has Bomar Law Firm been helping clients in Atlanta?

As of 2014, the Bomar Law Firm is seven years old. During that time, we have put together a team of tax attorneys, CPAs and staff, many of whom are also former IRS, and all of whom focus on working toward achieving the best possible result for every client. Our firm maintains an extremely high focus on maintaining reasonable rates and being responsive and accessible to our clients.

5. How many tax cases has Bomar Law Firm handled?

We have successfully resolved over 1,400 tax cases for clients since 2007. That does not include the cases worked on prior to that while an attorney for the IRS.

6. Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes. We provide each new client with a free one-hour consultation so that we can learn the specific facts of your case, and give you a chance to meet us to decide if we are the ones that you would like to help you.

7. What types of tax cases does the firm handle?

We handle all types of IRS and Georgia Tax Cases, including:

  • IRS and Georgia Audits: The lawyers at our firm will work to eliminate the proposed tax during the audit phase, minimizing the cost and stress for you. They have vast experience in helping clients put together supporting documentation, responding to IRS information and document requests and handling the audit meeting for or with you. They will ensure that you are not abused or taken advantage of during the process.
  • Administrative Appeals: If you are wrongly assessed tax, denied relief or wrongly subjected to bank levy, wage garnishment, liens or other collection activity, we can often resolve it favorably in the IRS administrative appeals process, without the need to move forward to litigation.
  • Tax Court Litigation: Our attorneys have both the knowledge and experience to guide you through the tax litigation process with confidence, whether your matter is before the U.S. Tax Court, U.S. District Court, a State Court Tribunal or other federal or state court.
  • Offer in Compromise: We offer a complete analysis of whether you qualify for this program, in which you offer the IRS an amount that is less than what you owe. In some cases, this can save a client hundreds of thousands of dollars. In other cases, it may not be the best approach to resolve the liability.
  • Currently Not Collectible Status: We frequently obtain currently not collectible status for our clients. The IRS will not seek to levy any funds or other property while CNC status is in effect, and will never do so if the period of limitations on collection expires while the client remains in the status.
  • Levy / Garnishment: Our firm has extensive experience stopping bank levy, wage garnishment and the levy of other property.
  • Penalty Abatement: We can help you obtain removal of penalties that are assessed against you.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief: When the IRS comes after you in a situation where it is unfair to hold you responsible for the tax debts of your spouse or former spouse, we will help you obtain innocent spouse relief.
  • Georgia State Tax Cases: A Georgia tax lawyer at our firm can assist you with any GA Department of Revenue tax matter that arises.

8. What other types of cases does Bomar Law Firm handle?

In addition to tax relief, litigation and planning, the firm also represents clients in Georgia and throughout the nation in estate planning, probate, nonprofit law and asset protection cases:

Estate Planning | Probate

The estate planning attorneys at our law firm can provide estate planning strategies that will protect you and your family, while making sure that your wishes and goals are carried out. Our estate planners are also experienced tax attorneys who will work to eliminate or minimize any estate tax due.

Our probate lawyers will work for a successful conclusion to your estate contest or will dispute, litigation over undue influence, duress, incapacity and fraud, petition for a guardian or conservator or filing an objection to someone being named executor or administrator of an estate. The Atlanta probate attorneys at our firm handle estate litigation and will contest trials in the probate courts throughout the state of Georgia.

In addition to tax law, estate planning and probate, We also provide focused solutions in cases involving:

Asset Protection

Our Atlanta asset protection attorneys provide guidance to clients on how to shield their assets from future creditors, while also arranging for those assets to pass to heirs.

Nonprofit Law

Our firm represents many nonprofit organizations regarding formation, obtaining nonprofit status, compliance, employment issues, contracts and litigation.

9. How much do you charge?

We are committed to efficient, cost-effective solutions with a focus on results in every case that we handle. During the free one-hour consultation that we provide each client, we look at the specific facts of your case and are generally able to provide either a flat-fee amount that we will charge for the case, or an estimate of likely charges.

10. How do I set up an appointment to discuss my case?

Contact us at 404) 841-6561 to schedule your free consultation to discuss your case with an Atlanta, Georgia tax lawyer who is also a former IRS Chief Counsel attorney.