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Reporting profits from partnerships on tax returns

Partnerships are unincorporated companies, so the IRS does not tax these businesses directly. Rather, the owners are required to report the profits they earn through the partnership on their personal income taxes because they are considered self-employed. New partnership owners in Georgia might not know all of the requirements involved.

Understanding income tax years

For individuals living in Georgia and anywhere else in the United States, it is very important to know when the income tax year begins. For most people, the tax year is 12 consecutive months and runs from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, and tax returns are due by April 15 of the next year. However, there are exceptions.

Income taxes in Georgia

Taxpayers in Georgia may benefit from learning more about how to ensure that income taxes are properly filed and accounted for. In accordance with federal regulations, some taxpayers in Georgia may be required to file their returns electronically. Georgia residents who are required to file electronically have two options available. People typically choose to file online from home, but some enlist a tax professional who provides an electronic filing service. Individuals who choose to do it online from home may only use tax software that's been approved by the IRS.

Personal income taxes may offset federal obligation

The Code of Georgia sets forth the structure of personal income taxes levied by the state in Title 48, Chapter 7. Not all states charge income taxes, and the ones that do not typically fund public necessities like schools and police departments with higher consumer taxes. Georgia's income tax laws establish a graduated payment schedule, which means that those who earn more money pay a greater percentage of income in taxes.

Invented churches and tax consequences

Georgia churches may benefit from exemptions from federal income taxes, but a Mississippi case may be of concern as misuse of the church designation has landed a Christian physician in serious legal trouble with the IRS. The man was convicted on four felony counts of tax evasion as well as a single count of obstruction of administration. According to reports, the man skirted paying income taxes by funneling income through an entity called the Church of Compassionate Service.


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