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Handling tax return errors

When Georgia residents make a mistake when filing their tax returns, it does not automatically mean that they will be audited. Depending on the type of error made and what attempts are made to resolve it, the matter may simply involve dealing with some paperwork.

Repercussions for small business owners who don't file taxes

This year's looming tax deadline is slowly approaching. Despite the extra couple of days provided this year, many people, particularly small business owners, will struggle to get all of their receipts and paperwork together to file on time. Some will just not file at all.

IRS urged to return wrongly seized money to citizens

Georgia residents may have heard about lawmakers who sent a letter to the Internal Revenue Service commissioner, the U.S. attorney general and the secretary of the Treasury regarding the return of funds that were wrongly seized from taxpayers in certain civil asset forfeitures. The letter originated from the members of the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee under the direction of the subcommittee chairman and a ranking member.

IRS reports another online breach to taxpayer data

In early February, the Internal Revenue Service announced that cyber criminals attacked the agency's digital systems to steal the PINs of thousands of Social Security numbers. It is the latest in a series of online attacks that have endangered the personal data of taxpayers in Georgia and nationwide.

IRS may audit some returns for up to 6 years

Receiving a notice of audit from the Internal Revenue Service is something that many Georgia residents have worried about at one time or another. The penalties for concealing income or inflating expenses can be severe, but the IRS is generally given only three years to audit income tax returns. While this may come as a relief for those with anxieties about mistakes or omissions that they may have made long ago, there are a number of exceptions to the three-year rule.

IRS promises better customer service during 2016 tax season

Georgia residents who called the Internal Revenue Service with questions during the 2015 tax season will likely remember spending long periods on hold or being abruptly disconnected. Only 37 percent of the calls made to the IRS between Jan. 1 and April 18 of that year were put through to a customer service representative, and switchboards disconnected 8.8 million calls to prevent callers being left on hold for extremely long periods.

IRS plans to move services online could hurt taxpayers

According to the annual report delivered by the National Taxpayer Advocate, the Internal Revenue Service's plans to go high-tech could reduce taxpayer rights and increase filing costs in Georgia and nationwide. The federal tax agency has spent millions of dollars to improve its online services since 2014.

Charities applaud potential new tax laws

Georgia residents may be interested to learn that House Republicans recently passed legislation that would greatly benefit charitable organizations. House Republican leaders have already been told by both Senate Democrats and the White House that they will help to pass the new laws.

Working around the $3,000 deduction cap on trading losses

Many Georgia residents actively trade stocks and other securities in order to increase the value of their personal investment portfolios. In some cases, people's efforts are hampered by the $3,000 deduction cap for capital losses that the IRS places on such activities.

FATCA transitional rules extended

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act may affect people in Georgia who have deposits in foreign financial institutions. Part of the HIRE Act of 2010, FATCA imposes penalties on FFIs if they fail to report information to the IRS about assets they are holding for U.S. taxpayers. The penalties that could be imposed under FATCA may be as high as 30 percent of the income an FFI earns from U.S. sources.


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