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Estate Planning Attorney Helping To Preserve Your Assets

Our estate planning attorneys will provide innovative solutions to accomplish your goals in the best manner possible. They are also specialists in eliminating or minimizing estate tax and gift tax, as well as dealing with IRS and state income tax issues.

What Is Estate Planning?

Our estate planning lawyers work closely with clients to identify goals, plan for contingencies and create a comprehensive estate plan that makes sure that their wishes are carried out. This often involves instruments designed to bypass probate, set aside assets, minimize estate taxes and control who will be your beneficiaries:

  • A will to govern the distribution of your assets
  • Durable powers of attorney to handle your financial affairs
  • Medical power of attorney
  • A health care directive (living will) regarding life support measures
  • Appointment of guardians for minor children
  • Family limited partnerships to pass a family-owned business to the next generation
  • Grantor-retained annuity trusts
  • Irrevocable life insurance trusts
  • Revocable trusts
  • Dynasty trusts
  • Special needs trusts for a disabled child or vulnerable adult
  • Medicaid/nursing home planning
  • IRS cases involving estates and trusts
  • Tax Court Litigation involving estates and trusts
  • Syndicated conservation easement cases
  • Cryptocurrency Issues
  • Charity trusts and charitable remainder trusts
  • Spendthrift trusts to protect assets from creditors

We are a full-service Atlanta, Georgia, law firm that represents clients throughout Georgia and the southeast.

The firm also has tax professionals available who speak Spanish. (El Despacho de Abogado Bomar tiene oficinas en Atlanta, Georgia; y Birmingham, Alabama. El Ex Abogado del IRS. Hablamos Español. Contáctenos hoy al (404) 841-6561).

Bomar Law Firm. LLC’s office is located in Atlanta.  Contact us at (404) 841-6561 to schedule your free consultation to discuss your case with an Atlanta, Georgia estate planning lawyer.