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What Michael Cohen teaches us about tax law

Those watching television or reading the news in Georgia have probably heard about Michael Cohen. They may also know that he pleaded guilty to tax evasion and was sentenced to prison time. Those who would like to avoid a similar fate can take some steps to do so. For instance, taxpayers should be sure to report all of their income each year when filing a tax return.

IRS compromises on Gilti tax rules

If a company based in Georgia or anywhere else has a foreign tax bill of less than 13.125 percent, it will owe a 10.5 global intangible low-tax income tax. This tax is otherwise known as Gilti, and businesses had lobbied the IRS to make changes to how it is assessed. For instance, they wanted to avoid allocating domestic expenses to foreign subsidiaries, but the IRS ruled that half of such expenses must be allocated to foreign subsidiaries.

Why hairstylists should report their tips

People engaged in freelance, creative or self-directed businesses in Georgia often have to pay special attention to their taxes. These cautions can also apply to tipped workers of various kinds. While restaurant workers may often receive tax documents that reflect estimated tipped income, other tipped workers like hairstylists, estheticians and personal care service providers may be tempted to avoid reporting their tips on their annual tax returns. Many stylists are not wealthy and may worry that they can ill-afford to pay extra taxes.

The rules relating to tax fraud

In most cases, the IRS has three years to audit a tax return. This is true when a taxpayer in Georgia or anywhere else doesn't understate their income by 25 percent or more. If that does occur, the government now has six years from when a return is filed to examine that return. In the event that a taxpayer fails to file a return, there is no limit to the amount of time the government can pursue taxes owed.

Report criticizes IRS handling of bank currency reports

Georgia residents may be aware that banks file what are known as Currency Transaction Reports with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network when they receive deposits of more than $10,000. This requirement was put into place by the 1970 Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act, which is also known as the Bank Secrecy Act, but a report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration suggests that the Internal Revenue Service is not making much use of CTRs in their efforts to identify taxpayers who are hiding or underreporting their income.

Voluntary tax program to end soon

There may be as many as 9 million Americans who are living abroad. Those who have overseas bank accounts of $10,000 or more need to declare them to the IRS. This could also be the case for those living in Georgia or elsewhere in America who have money in overseas accounts. Those who believe that they have run afoul of reporting guidelines may participate in a voluntary disclosure program.

How the TCJA impacts retirees

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) will have an impact on those who are retired as well as those who are still working. Retirees in Georgia who receive pension or annuity checks must generally pay income taxes on those earnings. While many choose to have taxes withheld on their behalf, others decide to receive the full amount of each check. This means making quarterly tax payments directly to the IRS.

How a tax debt could put a passport in jeopardy

Georgia residents and others who owe a significant tax debt could be in danger of losing their passport. If the IRS determines that a person is trying to evade paying taxes or leave the country to avoid paying taxes, it will notify the State Department. At that point, the State Department will then either not issue a passport or decline to renew one that a debtor already has.

Company offers hybrid student loan/401(k) benefit

Georgia residents and others who are making student loan payments may struggle to contribute to a 401(k) plan. However, one company recently received permission from the IRS to make contributions on an employee's behalf. It is believed that the company that offers this benefit is a health care company called Abbot. To qualify, an employee must make student loan payments equal to 2 percent or more of his or her yearly salary.

New Tax Law Prompts Companies to Consider Corporate Changes

S corporations have in recent years seen increasing popularity as the choice by many Atlanta, Georgia small business owners for the type of corporation they will establish for federal tax purposes. Although both the traditional C corporation and the S corp establish a separate entity and provide limitations on liability, the primary difference between the two is in how they are taxed.


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