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April 2019 Archives

Wealthier taxpayers may face more frequent audits

Taxpayers in Georgia may fear an IRS audit as one of their worst nightmares. These detailed overviews of tax filings may leave even honest taxpayers worried. That's why filers should be aware that the agency announced that it may be changing its methods to determine which returns to audit. In testimony before Congress, the IRS Commissioner said that the agency would work to increase its focus on wealthier taxpayers. This came in response to questions from members of Congress about why people with low incomes were disproportionately targeted for audits, particularly applicants for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Even college students pay income taxes

College students who participate in a paid internship in Georgia or any other state may owe federal taxes on their earnings. This could be true even if participation in the internship is required by the school. In some cases, individuals are paid as independent contractors, which means that they will receive a Form 1099 as opposed to a traditional W-2. The difference is important as it determines how much in FICA taxes an individual is required to pay.

Fewer audits, best practices mean less tax hassle

Georgia residents might be happy to know that their chances of being audited are fairly low. While it is still important to turn one's taxes in on time, an individual has a 1 in 160 chance of being audited. In 2010, about 1 in 90 people were audited. A tighter budget led to a smaller IRS, which means fewer audits.

Strategies for confronting tax debt

Tax time can be particularly challenging for people in Georgia who are dealing with the burden of tax debt. People may find themselves with tax bills that they are unable to pay, and they may not be sure how they can find a way out of the situation. As 2018 opened, there were over 14 million open cases involving tax debts for individuals and businesses, even though the IRS has cut its tax liens filed each year by over 50 percent since 2010. The American economy has grown in the past 10 years, but many people still face significant tax debt.


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