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March 2019 Archives

Understanding the value of an estate

Gross estate refers to the value of all the assets in an estate. It may include real property both in and outside the country, bank accounts, annuities, stocks and more. Even property that is not necessarily owned by the estate is included, such as property a person possesses a general power over, gifts and some life insurance proceeds. For a person in Georgia, if the total of all this is under the federal estate tax exemption, it is not necessary to pay estate taxes.

Tax returns feature new forms

Georgia residents may need to get familiar with a series of new forms when they complete their tax returns this year. This may apply to those who are self-employed and made more than $400 from such activity. If so, they will need to pay self-employment tax and report it on line 57. However, the actual calculation of that tax takes place on Schedule SE.

Dealing with tax audits

Some Georgia taxpayers may be concerned about getting audited by the Internal Revenue Service. Much of the concern could be due to the significant amount of misinformation that circulates about tax audits.

IRS warns of phone scams during tax season

As Georgia taxpayers are preparing and filing their 2018 tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service is warning people about criminals who pose as IRS representatives in phone scams. In a news release, the IRS said that these phone scams continue to be a major threat and can cost victims a lot of money.

Passports and delinquent taxes

A warning has been issued by the Internal Revenue Service that applies to taxpayers residing in Georgia and around the country. In January 2018, the IRS implemented the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act which, among other things, provides that people must pay their back taxes if they plan to travel abroad. Otherwise, they may experience issues renewing their passports or obtaining new ones.


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