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February 2019 Archives

Forming a micro-captive insurance company

Promoters who suggest using a micro-captive insurance company come from many professions: financial advisors, attorneys, accountants, actuaries, captive managers and others. One thing they have in common with promoters in many fields is the majority are honest, helping their client set up a lawful system for a legitimate purpose.

About 3 million more taxpayers to owe IRS in 2018 than 2017

The federal tax overhaul that went into law in 2017 has exposed many taxpayers in Georgia and around the country to unexpected income tax bills. According to the Government Accounting Office, roughly 3 million more people than last year will have failed to withhold sufficient income taxes from their paychecks to avoid owing when they file their 2018 federal tax returns. One tax accountant explained that entitlements to withholding allowances that people had grown to expect were reduced. This translated into people not having enough money taken out of their paychecks. The loss of some itemized deductions have also produced higher tax liabilities.

Behavior during audit could lead to criminal tax case

Criminal tax cases are relatively rare in Georgia. Tax professionals and attorneys will say that one common way to bring on a criminal case related to taxes is to be evasive or obstructive during dealings with the Internal Revenue Service. It's something to keep in mind during an audit, the behavior of the person being audited could turn the case into a criminal one. When an auditor comes across suspicious behavior during an audit, he or she can alert the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS.

Beware of fake IRS text messages

Most taxpayers in Georgia dread receiving a contact from the Internal Revenue Service. Fears of an audit, a tax levy or asset seizure come to mind. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals in the world who choose to prey upon these fears. Fake contacts through telephone calls, emails and text messages have become more common.


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