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July 2018 Archives

How can I stop the IRS from garnishing my wages?

If you owe back taxes, you might find yourself wondering how you can prevent the IRS from garnishing your wages. You are not alone; many people in the Atlanta area find themselves stressing out about their tax debts and wage garnishments. It is best not to procrastinate or ignore the situation, because you could miss out on options that could protect your wages from garnishment from the IRS. You might think your situation is hopeless, but there are options that you might qualify for. 

House wants to go around Johnson amendment

For roughly 50 years, the Johnson amendment has prohibited nonprofit organizations in Georgia and throughout the country from engaging in political campaigns. However, the House of Representatives voted to prevent the IRS from taking away the tax-exempt status of any church that supports a political candidate. The head of the National Council of Nonprofits was critical of the rule and said that it could erode the trust people have in nonprofit entities.

Tax-exempt groups face reduced reporting requirements

Some tax-exempt organizations in Georgia and across the country may no longer need to comply with some reporting requirements under guidance released by the IRS and the Treasury Department in July. Every year, charitable organizations that have a tax exemption under section 501(c)(3) must give the IRS the names and addresses of their large donors. Other types of organizations, like 501(c)(4) membership groups, also have to provide this information to the tax agency. While the information is expected to remain private, it has been exposed to the public on previous occasions.

IRS warns public about tactics used by scammers posing as agents

The demand for unpaid taxes understandably strikes fear into some Georgia residents. Unfortunately, scammers use this emotional response to trick people into handing over their money. Although people need to take legitimate notices from the Internal Revenue Service seriously, the agency routinely issues warnings about scammers who try to pressure people into paying fake taxes. In general, the IRS informs people about real tax issues through the U.S. Postal Service. The agency issues paper bills for amounts owed, and people have a right to appeal tax bills. People also have the option to pay their taxes by check, debit or credit card. Checks would be mailed to a U.S. Department of Treasury address, and credit or debit payments would be made with select processors at the agency's website.

Draft of 2018 1040 form shows numerous changes

Georgians will be using new tax return forms when they file their taxes next year. The new Form 1040 has substantial changes and is now one page long. The IRS recently released a draft of the new form. While the new form might make filing taxes easier for many people, others who have complicated tax situations will have a more difficult time.


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