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December 2017 Archives

Avrahamis' Captive Manager Disputes Ruling

Multiple sources have reported that attorney Celia Clark, who formed the micro captive Feedback, for the Avrahamis, has commented on Judge Mark Holmes' decision to deny the motion for reconsideration. She claimed that the IRS has reviewed and approved very similar drafting templates to their administrative actions policy that the court criticized in its decision.

Individuals can employ strategies to minimize tax liability

Tax planning is something that savvy Georgia residents are aware of year-round, but it becomes especially relevant at the end of the calendar year. For individuals thinking about these issues when the end of the current year approaches, there are a number of things that might be done to minimize tax liability or to take advantage of available incentives and tax breaks.

Some Suggest Avrahami Motion For Reconsideration drafted in a manner to help future malpractice litigation case against captive promoter

U.S. Tax Court, Judge Mark V. Holmes denied Avrahamis' motion of reconsideration on November 14, 2017.

IRS wins legal battle with Coinbase

Georgia residents may have heard about the crypto-currency called Bitcoin. Even if they haven't heard of it, the IRS certainly has, and the organization has won a court order to get the identities of those who own 14,355 accounts at Coinbase. Those accounts have accounted for roughly 9 million transactions between 2013 and 2015. A federal court judge ordered the information to be turned over in a ruling made on Nov. 28.

US Tax Court denies Avrahami motion for reconsideration

The Avrahamis' motion for reconsideration was denied by Federal Judge Mark Holmes in November. The court concluded that at least one of the policies was so "ill-drafted" that it was both an occurrence policy and a claims-made policy. The Avrahamis argued, in the motion, that there should be no reasonable dispute that the policies were claims-made and not occurrence policies.

Hints to make filing taxes easier

The end of the calendar year is generally a time of celebration and cheer for Georgia residents. However, the end of the holiday season usually means the beginning of the tax season. While this may be a busy time for accountants and taxpayers, the IRS has tried to make the season easier to manage. For starters, the agency recommends that individual and business taxpayers gather relevant documents as soon as possible.

What to know about a tax lien

If a Georgia resident fails to pay a federal tax bill in a timely manner, the IRS may place a lien on that person's property. This helps to ensure that the government will get the money that it is owed. Tax liens are only imposed after a taxpayer has been notified of the existing balance and has been given a chance to pay it.


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