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Getting tax liens released

Some Georgians fall behind on their taxes or are unable to pay them in full. When a taxpayer doesn't pay what the IRS believes it is owed, the IRS may place a lien on the taxpayer's assets. When the IRS does this, the lien will apply to all of the assets that the taxpayer owns, including those that are acquired after the lien has gone into effect.

Avoiding an IRS property seizure

Fears about the consequences of IRS debt are common among Atlanta residents who owe or think they owe a tax bill. Some of the persistent worries deal with the possibility of a tax lien, wage levy or asset seizure. The individual facing possible collections actions by the IRS may need to contact an attorney for specific advice on their case and help in fighting a possible seizure. However, there are some general points that anyone can understand about the seizure process.

Vacation rental income must be disclosed on income tax returns

Many Georgia residents often travel during the summer months, and some choose to rent out their homes while they are away. While renting a residence temporarily can provide an additional and welcome revenue stream, failing to properly record and disclose this source of income can have serious tax implications. Tax must be paid on rental income even if the property being rented out was used as a taxpayer's primary residence for most of the year, but declaring this income also makes certain expenses tax deductible.

IRS private collectors using some problematic tactics

Partial privatization of tax collections has introduced a serious problem for Georgia residents. In some cases, collections agencies are using their affiliation with the IRS to harass people who alleged to owe the IRS money, and the tactics used are running afoul of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Suggestions are provided for citizens looking to protect themselves from illegal activity carried out by IRS collectors.


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