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Income taxes in Georgia

Taxpayers in Georgia may benefit from learning more about how to ensure that income taxes are properly filed and accounted for. In accordance with federal regulations, some taxpayers in Georgia may be required to file their returns electronically. Georgia residents who are required to file electronically have two options available. People typically choose to file online from home, but some enlist a tax professional who provides an electronic filing service. Individuals who choose to do it online from home may only use tax software that's been approved by the IRS.

Taxpayers who need to access a list of approved software applications may benefit from looking online. The state does not charge individuals to use the software, but some of the software developers may charge a fee for their service. The IRS does provide taxpayers with several different options to file electronically for free. It's is important for taxpayers to remember that state and federal taxes must be filed separately and that federal taxes are to be filed first.

Taxpayers who file their returns electronically are not required to send in any documents but are advised to keep their tax documents for their own records. Anyone who has a balance due is still required to send the appropriate amount to the Department of Revenue. People who need to file an amended return cannot do so electronically. People who need to file returns from previous years are also unable to do so electronically.

Anyone who needs help understanding how to properly file their income taxes may benefit from contacting legal counsel. A lawyer may be able to explain any of the tax implications that apply to an individual's specific circumstances. Legal counsel may also be effective in negotiating repayment terms with the IRS or state officials.

Source: Georgia Department of Revenue, " Electronic Filing Frequently Asked Questions - Individuals", November 05, 2014

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