Student Loan Attorney

Student loan debt has become an increasingly controversial and heated topic that we are now hearing about on a daily basis. Economic instability has created a job market that is now increasingly competitive over a small amount of available openings, leaving many people to wonder why they are left to pay a debt that was meant and sold as an investment that would shape their future success. At the Bomar Law Firm we have an understanding and knowledge that has been obtained through extensive amounts of experience in helping clients find solutions to their specific needs and situation.

If you have been left with a student loan debt that you are struggling to pay, contact the Bomar Law Firm today to set up a free consultation where we can discuss your particular case and develop a strategy going forward. We look forward to assisting you in not just solving your problem, but in ending the unnecessary stress that comes with it.

The Firm also has tax professionals available who speak Spanish. (El Despacho de Abogado Bomar tiene oficinas en Atlanta, Georgia y Birmingham, AL. El Ex Abogado del IRS. Hablamos Español. Contáctenos hoy al 404-841-6561).

Bomar Law Firm has offices in Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL. Contact us at (404) 841-6561 to schedule your free consultation to discuss your case with an Atlanta, Georgia lawyer who is also a former IRS Chief Counsel attorney.